A year of endless summer came to an end

… and that was already seven weeks ago. 13 months of travelling ended with a 23 hours and 35 minutes flight from Sydney to Berlin, where I was greeted with the sun and a warm “don’t put the dirty suitcase wheels on my car seats” by my mom (Well, hello to you too mom ;)).

So it is high time to recap what I’ ve found out in 2016 (+ the last two months in 2015):

  1. I really like to slow travel

I enjoyed travelling with both of my sisters for two months and am really grateful for the experience and shared memories but I as much as I love them, I would want to do it again. At least not in that pace. Cause I already knew before we started that switching places every second or third day, hopping from one place to another, is just not for me. And that just made me a lousy travel companion for them. But I just need time to do “nothing” once in a while. Taking each day as it comes, having time to read, to write, to do sports or to just take in the view. And that is just possible once you travel slowly.

  1. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive

Over the 13 months of travelling I spent around 15.000 EUR. Flights included already. Meaning: After spending 1.500 for flights + 2 x 3000 while travelling with my sisters I had 7.500 EUR for nine months of “living” somewhere. That doesn’t sound too bad, especially since I would have spent 8.100 EUR on rent only back here in Germany.

  1. I like to be in the sun

That came in as a surprise huh?! But yeah, I like being in the sun. I like how it is tanning my skin and how it is dying my hair. I like how it makes it naturally wavy and gives it a natural surfer look bur first and foremost I like what it does to my soul. I am more active and willing to go outside as in “I have to go outside. There is no way I am hiding inside or crawling into bed (as I do now that it is cold and grey outside)”. When the sun is up, I am up!

  1. Traveling makes you less material

A suitcase. That was all I had. For one year. If I wanted to buy a new shirt, I had to give or throw away another one. If I wanted new shorts, I had to make room for them by throwing something else away first. And then I am coming back to Germany and find eight pair of pants in eight different colors stored at my moms and asked myself: Who needs all of that if one can only wear one pair of pants at a time?!

  1. Two months of laying at the beach is enough

Who would have expected that? But after spending most of my time laying at the beach in February and March I hadn’t felt the need to do that all day every day after that anymore. For once because my tan had reached its maximum at some point and I didn’t see the point in wasting time while laying around and second because the Australian “winter” in Townsville was just around the perfect temperature. So I could be outdoors without melting away or needing to go into the water.

  1. I like to be social

At least kind of… ok…”like” might be a stretch but after spending February at a friend’s house with seeing only him in the evenings I felt the need to be around people again. So after that I just stayed in hostels, where I could have been social but didn’t need to.

  1. Booking your flight on short notice doesn’t have an impact on the price

Before I finally could decide on a flight home, I “monitored” the prices over several weeks. When I first had a look, my flight would have been available for 620 EUR, then it was going up to 680 EUR and then down to 650 EUR again. Even three days in advance it was 650 EUR so all in all not such a big difference. I don’t know what I would have paid if I would have booked months in advance but who would like to plan that far ahead?! Exactly no one! Or at least not me.

  1. Eating every 2 1/2 hours is best for my metabolism

Once I started my fitness challenge I also had to start eating every two to three hours. Just smaller portions but frequently and that finally did something with my body. I lost fat and gained muscles. I already knew that from the time I trained for ToughMudder but until last year I still wouldn’t like to put an effort in eating that frequently if I don’t even have the feeling of hunger. But the feeling of hunger actually came. At least once in a while and if I then just plain forget to eat. So I will try to keep doing that cause it already “saved” me from putting on weight over Christmas. I think it is due to the fact that if you “have” to eat every 2 1/2 hours it prevents you from snacking the bad stuff in between.

  1. Following the perfect weather is possible

If you wanna have the perfect weather – which is for me somewhere in between 23 and 27 degrees and sunny – it is a good way to start in December/January in Melbourne and then slowly make your way up the Australian east coast. Spend the Australian “winter” (which is still better than the German summer) in Townsville or Cairns and start to make your way down again in October.

If it wouldn’t have been for my sister, who “forced” me to chase the sunset in April and all the good reasons to stay in Townsville, I would have made it exactly like that.

  1. I really like to find “it” out on the way

Since I am back, People had been asking me, if I am staying. If I am living in Berlin or Hamburg or if I am taking off again. And truth is, I honestly don’t know (yet). I just know that I enjoyed finding it all out on my way last year and that I like to keep doing just that. So for now I am living in Hamburg and just started my new job, which is awesome cause I am doing exactly what I wanna do (Website and Onlineshop optimization) AND am working remotely. So once settled in, I would be flexible enough to escape the German winter for a few weeks or even months. But if I really am gonna do it, I will find out one step at a time and on my way…

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  1. Petra
    9. January 2017

    sehr schön, macht Spaß zu lesen. Die Bildertafel ist sehr cool, kann ich so etwas auch haben??

    Was kommt als nächstes? Die Abenteuer, wie ich nicht die Wohnung verlassen muss?

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