All Blacks all the way

After our 19.4km walk over a mountain we were heading to Wellington (yes directly and without getting any rest…it’s only a 4 to 5 hour drive after a 7 1/2 hour walk so what do you think ;)), the capital of New Zealand, to make it in time for the Rugby World Champion Parade the next day. After crashing infront of a museum and finally having some solid Wifi to put up the first blog posts we were seeing the celebration of the All Blacks. It was good to know that there are actually people living in New Zealand since we haven’t seen many over the last days. As beautiful as the landscape is but I think you only get to know the country if you are interacting with the people living in here.

Since the city was very crowded and we were a little tired from the day before we kept the sightseeing to a minimum, did some shopping and were on a night market to listen to some music. What we saw from Wellington was pretty beautiful. The city is located at the ocean and the starting point for the ferry to the south island, which we took the next day.

The ferry took almost four hours to Picton but I was able to watch a movie, take a shower and recharge my laptop (which is pretty difficult if you don’t have a plug-in for that in your van – a car charger for my laptop is probably one thing I would buy upfront for the next trip).

Stay tunned

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    Friday November 13th, 2015

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