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Almost three and a half months ago I’ve entered Australia flying in over Melbourne. Back then with my little sister who has known her way around here since it was her second time. Now I am back again, sitting infront of the international arrivals exit…waiting for my big sis…in solid shoes, long trousers and my beanie. Right after landing I had to change my boardshorts and flip flops for some warmer clothes since Melbourne was welcoming me back with only 14 degrees (and wearing a beanie feels like the only way on how to respond to that). I know it is still not as cold as in Germany but if you have been used to temperatures around 27 to 33 degrees for three months how will you ever be able to adjust to these kind of temperatures?! So lucky me that I am still having most of my warm clothes from my New Zealand trip. I have the feeling I will need them the next weeks.

So for me it is back to where I started in Australia and doing it all over again. But since I have only been to Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Byron Bay I will see more new things than things I already saw. The rough idea for the next two months with my sister is to go from Melbourne to Adelaide by car and then flying to Perth and Perth to Sydney and then up the east coast by bus. Other then that, we will find out on the way ;).

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And then came you

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  1. Nancy
    4. April 2016

    Also wir haben hier um die 20-23 grad aktuell??

    • Nick
      5. April 2016

      Lucky you ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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