But my heart is wild and free

They say home is where the heart is
but my heart is wild and free
So am I homeless
Or just heartless?
Did I start this?
Did it start me?

That’s the first verse of Passengers song “Home” and it pretty much nails my current situation.

After coming back from Australia I thought spending the german summers in Hamburg and then taking off for the winters would be a good idea. And it probably still is. If only Hamburg would actually have summers. But for this year we didn’t even had one day with over 30 degrees here in Hamburg. So not one day that would meteorologically count as a “hot day”. And not that I need 30 degrees but that pretty much says everything about the summer in Hamburg, cause we also didn’t have many sunny days with temperatures around 25 degrees either. And that just sucks.

Cause it is scientifically proven that the sun is good for our well-being and especially mine:

1. The sun cheers us up.

They say sunshine boosts our serotonin – our body’s natural happy hormone. That’s why I and most people are usually more energetic when the sun is out and also the reason why people especially in Scandinavia are getting depressed in the winter (I would too).

2. It gives us more energy

Sunlight not just increases serotonin it also reduces melatonin. And having lower levels of melatonin in our body is giving us more energy. This is why we I usually don’t need a nap when the sun is out.

3. Relieves aches and pains

The sun helps to warm our muscles and eases stiffness. Which is what I would have needed the last couple of weeks. Cause as it turns out I am getting old (Yeah, I know. Some people already thought I was). And combining aging with barely moving since I was working from home, I had serious issues with my neck accompanied with partialy sudden hearing loss on my left ear the last couple of weeks. . So the sun would have been handy, cause it would not only have lured me out of the door but also would have warmed that whole area up.

So yeah, it is pretty save to say, that I definitely need the sun to function. But unfortunately Hamburg doesn’t usually offer much of that, so I have to think about what to do with that. So am I homeless? Or just heartless? Or is my heart just wild and free? I honestly don’t know. But I know that I would like to go somewhere where the sun is not hiding behind clouds all day. So I am starting with going to Spain in November and then somewhere further away in the winter. Thanks to my job, I am more than able to do that :).

Stay tunned

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  1. Weichfrau
    Friday October 20th, 2017

    Ja, diese Jahr war es auch besonders blöd. Egal mit wem man spricht, alles sind der selben Meinung, dass es dieses Jahr weder einen Sommer noch gutes Wetter gab. Und wenn ich mir die Wetterkarte von vorgestern anschaue? HUI!!! Madrid 14 °C, irgendwo in Deutschland 24°C. Mit HH hast du dir aber auch nicht wirklich die sonnigste Stadt in DE ausgesucht und 2017 war es bestimmt besonders bitter. Von daher viel Spaß in sonnigeren Gefilden! LG Guido
    – netter Song

    • Nick
      Friday October 20th, 2017

      Ja, ich hab ja den direkten “Vergleich” mit meinem Arbeitskollegen in Ludwigshafen und die waren Anfang der Woche froh, dass sie Klimaanlage im Büro hatten^^.

  2. Nancy
    Friday October 20th, 2017

    Dann solltest du aber noch mal mit ally sprechen was die warmen temperaturen (oder auch nicht)in tarifa angeht;)

    • Nick
      Saturday October 21st, 2017

      Naja besser, als das Wetter in Hamburg wird es schon werden ^^.

  3. Beth
    Friday December 1st, 2017

    I love this!

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