Chasing the sunset from Melbourne to Perth…

My sister and I have split up. But only for two days and not because we didn’t get along anymore. We simply just had different ideas on how to travel further. After three weeks with stops in Melbourne, Adelaide and now Perth we planned to go to Sydney but somehow we didn’t manage to book our flights. Session timeouts, slow internet connection or no connection at all had stopped us from booking our flights and with every day we waited they got more and more expensive. So in the end I didn’t see the reason why I should pay 380 AUD if I could stay two more days in Fremantle (Perth), enjoy the nice temperatures (I am not in a rush to get into the cold again ;)) and the outdoor parcour park here and save 120 AUD on a plane ticket to a city I have already been to. Plus I think that it is sometimes good to travel on your own…because then you realize that you are never really alone. A “lesson” that might help my sister to do an outback tour regardless if I will join or not. Cause I won’t. I know that’s one thing you have to do while being in Australia but I never was a big fan of melting away while being far away from the ocean. And after the tour from Adelaide to Alice Springs with stops in Coober Pedy, Uluru and Kings Canyon was booked out and me being not really devasteted about it I’ve decided that it doesn’t do any good if I do the tour just because my sister wants to do it. In the end happiness is only real when shared but if you can’t find any happiness in it at all it is best to not force yourself to do it. Cause then you just drag someone else down with you.

What had happened the last three weeks?

  1. The first seven days we spent in Melbourne and stayed at a friend’s house. Lucky us they not just offered us a place to crash but also their bikes. After falling in love with Melbourne the first time I was here the love just grew stronger on second sight (even if it was a little colder than what I was used to the last three months). With heaps of outdoor gyms, playgrounds and parks, a harbour city with a Ferris wheel and (probably) expensive apartments it reminded me of my hometown, Hamburg (and I still love Hamburg – at least in the summer… the one day a year ;)).
  2. After Melbourne we rented a car and took the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide with overnight stays in Apollo Bay, Warrnambool, Robe and Kangaroo Island. ­­­You could probably do it faster and skip Apollo Bay at the beginning but since my sister wanted to do some walks in the Otway Nationalpark we decided to stay there cause we wouldn’t want to miss the sunset at the 12 Apostels (which would have been the next stop on our route). In the end we only did one walk for 40 minutes and spared another one for the next day (cause it was almost 40 Minutes by car in the direction we would have headed the next day anyway). So in the end we would have been able to do the walk and made it in time for the sunset at the 12 Apostels. Especially since the plan to see the sunset then from the Otway Lighthouse was disrupted by the fact that the lighthouse was closing already at 5pm (But at least on our way back to Apollo Bay we made friends with a Koala on the road – literally on the road).
  3. The 12 or 8 (since only 8 are left) Apostels is probably a must see in Australia and the one reason why you take the Great Ocean Road in the first place. Unfortunately we didn’t get lucky with the weather so the sunset wasn’t that impressive :(. The next days were then mostly about driving, doing some walks and getting to Adelaide.
  4. In Adelaide we spend some days in the central city as well as at the beach before we headed further to Perth, where we did the same. I am writing that like that cause it is just like that. You see something and the next day you see something else…sometimes it is almost the same, sometimes it is better or sometimes it is worse. That’s why I don’t like switching places every day or every third or fourth day cause you don’t really see anything. All you are getting is a glimpse of how the place could be if you would live there. In Adelaide for instance I missed an outdoor parcour session as well as a visit at their “warehouse for movement culture” cause the moment I was recovered from our roadtrip we already moved on to the next place. My sister must think that I am not enjoying my time with her but she is the one reason why it is bearable.
  5. I finally got in touch with the Australian wildlife…We saw Koalas on the road (literally on the road), Kangaroos and last but not least Quokkas. They are all pretty cute but the winner of the cuteness contest are the Quokkas. Quokkas are small kangaroos looking like big rats…if you see them in the dark but if you see them in broad­­ daylight they are the happiest animals on the world and smile at you all the time…so whenever you have a bad day just look at them.
  6. After trying different hostels we decided to go with the YHAs from now on. Besides the Beach Backpackers in Warrnambool all other backpacker hostels had pretty tiny common areas and rooms and where either messy or/and attracted a certain kind of people (the ones you don’t wanna trust with your stuff). Usually the YHAs are more expensive but we bought a 15 nights pass for 23 AUD per night (which is way cheaper than all the other hostels we stayed in so far).

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  1. Corinna
    Tuesday April 26th, 2016

    Ich kann das VIdeo nicht ansehen, leider. “Dieses Video enthält Content von WMG. DIeser Partner hat das Video in deinem Land aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen gesperrt”

    • Nick
      Tuesday April 26th, 2016

      Ok, da war Youtube verdammt schnell mit dem Sperren in Deutschland. Habs jetzt zu Flipagram hochgeladen (auch wenn es nicht mit Flipagram erstellt ist ;)). Hoffe es bliebt jetzt sichtbar.

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