Don’t expect different results if your habits are the same

The first week into my 8week fitness challenge started slow. Official start of the challenge was Saturday but that was only a sit in, getting all the information and figuring out who is going with whom in a group for the personal trainings. So the first training I attended was a bodypump class on Monday afternoon. Since you could pick the weights on your own it wasn’t too exhausting (next time I know where I can add some more). Of the record I then run up Castle Hill on Tuesday morning (as shown by the parkour guys on Saturday) before the official weigh in and fit test took place in the evening. For Wednesday I decided to go with an active rest day. Meaning I was working on my skills… handstand …flips…kip ups and some explosive pushups, pull-ups and jumps (as preparatory exercises for suicide jumps, superman pushups and muscle ups :D)…so nothing too fancy for a rest day ;). On Thursday we then had our first real group training (where we actually did more than just the fit test). It is always good to have someone to push you for the last repetition cause otherwise you might just stop before you really have to. Again out of book I joined the parkour class on Friday morning at 7am (There are not many reasons I am getting up that early) and added an additional body balance class on top before on Saturday my first bootcamp was awaiting me. To be honest the hardest part was getting up at 5am (I seriously don’t know why Australians have to start classes when it is still dark outside. Don’t they have a bed?!) but the exercises are more or less covered.

So even if I am feeling a little sore every day the bigger challenge (besides getting up early;)) within the next seven weeks will be taking care of my nutrition. They say 70% of your success is nutrition and only 30% exercises. I actually believe in 80/20. And it is not that I am eating unhealthy but I usually don’t have an appetite or a feeling of hunger so I am basically eating when everyone else is eating. And that’s obviously not enough. The only time I saw some improvements (going from size S to size M but at the same time 12 Kilos down) was when I was training for the ToughMudder and kept track of a daily 3000 kilocalories intake with a nutrition tracker. But therefore I had to measure everything which made it quite annoying so I stopped once ToughMudder was over (I am still waiting on the App where I only take a picture of my meal and the app is giving my a summary of all the calories). In the end I even followed the 5:2 lifestyle which lets you eat five days a week as usual and having a 600 calorie carb-free dinner on the other two days of the week. The idea behind it is that your brain is learning to get the energy out of fat and not out of carbs. It suited me perfectly since I barely felt any hunger on the fasting days plus you are giving your digestive system some rest. But now my personal trainer told me to eat every two to three hours. For both approaches I actually can find logical explanations. If you are not eating for 20 to 24 hours your body gets the energy out of what is remaining. First carbs then protein then fat. Goal is to train him to get the belly fat first ;). Eating every two or three hours (of the good stuff of course) makes also sense to me since you are signaling your body that there is always something coming so he could easily give up what’s expandable.

As usual everyone needs to find out what works best for oneself. But even if I liked the 5:2 lifestyle (it was also good for my travel budget ;)) I will follow my trainers instructions (cause that was what I signed up for) and try to eat as regular as I can. In the end you can’t expect different results if your habits are the same. Therefore: Challenge accepted….

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  1. Petra
    Monday June 6th, 2016

    Hol dir die 1000 USD, Ist doch für dich ein Klacks. Das Essen muss ja auch bezahlt werden.

    • Nick
      Tuesday June 7th, 2016

      Jup 1000 AUD würden vermutlich so die Hälfte der Kosten am Ende decken ^^.

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