Every mountain top is within reach…

…if you just keep climbing.

My fitness challenge is over…almost 8 weeks (since we started with a fit test on a Tuesday and ended it on a Thursday it was more like 7 1/2 weeks) of pure dedication. Getting up early for boot camp, eating and drinking properly during the day and doing some more exersices in the afternoon. I still don’t know who they will pick as a winner but that doesn’t really matter since I:

  • lost 7.2 kilos (to be fair the last two kilos been only water since we’ve been advised not to drink anything within 24 hours prior to the weight in…and I followed 😉 but that’s still 5 kilos)
  • lost 4% of body fat and am now down to 7.5%
  • found out that it actually helps to eat five times a day (of the healthy stuff)
  • found out that preparing food is not as bad as I thought if you are doing it in advance (after that it is fairly easy)

So all in all I am quite happy with the outcome (even if I already signed up for a new gym membership to gain a bit of weight again ;)). I could probably done more but unfortunately I cracked my shin open while doing some box jump progressions. That was me being stupid and not stopping when my legs felt fatigue. But I reached twice a high I thought I wouldn’t anymore so I kept going, lost the focus (that is usually the moment injuries occur) and left myself with a “tiny” hole in my shin where I probably could have dropped a two dollar coin. So thanks to that I had to stop exercising twice for five days. I spare everyone the pictures cause it was first really bloody, then infected and then ripped all open again after two weeks…but it finally got better and next time I might stop in time (that “might” is there for a reason ;)).

I probably could also have gotten more rest but to be fair that is pretty difficult. Cause if you are attending boot camp at 5:45 in the morning and are advised to have 8 hours of sleep you would need to go to bed at 9pm every second day…yeah well and that just not gonna happen…at least not for me. Plus I hadn’t had the feeling that I wouldn’t get enough rest. In case I was tired after boot camp I just went to bed again. But usually I was pretty fit during the day. Back in Germany I usually got up at 10 or 11, had breakfast and then went more or less to bed again to take a nap (at least on a weekend).

At the beginning and at the end I also allowed myself some sweets. First because I thought it would be good to have at least one “reward/cheat day” and at the end because they were more or less forced into me ;). But they were still good and I wouldn’t have let anyone forced them onto me if I wouldn’t have wanted them…cause some days you eat salads and go to the gym and some days you eat sweets and refuse to put on pants…It’s just called balance.

So what I would like to keep:

  • Getting up early is actually kind of rewarding…seeing the sunrise definitely makes up for the lack of sleep and you have the whole day in front of you…so I would like to keep that even if it doesn’t have to be 5am but 7am (or 6:45am when the sun rises) sounds like a good compromise
  • My eating habits cause I figured that five times a day is working quite well for my metabolism and if I prepare up front it is not difficult to maintain
  • The excuse I am on a fitness challenge when someone asked me to drink alcohol

What’s next?

Since I am now in Townsville for about 9 weeks I asked myself if it would be time to move on. Taking my Greyhound bus ticket valid until the 27th of July up to Cairns…exploring a little bit there and then getting a relocation down to Brisbane to either catch a flight to Fijis or booking myself into a 10 day Vipassana meditation center. Friends of mine told me about the later and it is basically 10 days of not communicating with anyone (they are taking away your phones and you are not allowed to talk to or even look at someone within the camp) and learning some kind of a meditation technique. That definitely sound like a good challenge (I know that I can definitely go without talking for a couple of days but what are you supposed to do when you are not even allowed to do sports or communicate with anyone on Facebook?! Just sitting there for 10 days…)

But for now I decided to do neither of that cause I still don’t have the feeling that I wanna leave… I would like to go up Castle Hill a couple more times, paddle to Magnetic Island in the morning to get my free breakfast over there, go to the “Jump house” here in Townsville and might attend some Aerial classes. I also really enjoy the weather here in Townsville…even if we had some cold days in between but normally it is warm and sunny during the days and still bearable in the evenings. Then I have some guys I am doing parkour with and I currently have some job opportunities (for a german company I can do from here) I like to look into before going somewhere else. Cause if I would move I would then need to find all of that first and that sounds as too much of an effort if I already have all of that here.

So I will stay. I don’t know for how long but the idea was always to stay as long as I like it and to move on when I don’t. And so far I always felt when it was time to go…when I left Sydney, when I left Newcastle and a little bit when I had to leave Byron Bay (Since Nadi was waiting for me I couldn’t stick around for the feeling to settle in). But since my visa here is expiring mid December I could stay until then or come back in October to take care of my Mom’s dog while she is doing an America tour (Since I already did that before I took off that would be a good way to “close” the circle). But since I am usually not planning two or three days in advance (if I plan at all) I like to stick to the idea to find it on the way ;). Cause that always worked best…

Sorry if someone expected before and after pics…that is just not my thing 😉

Stay tunned

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  1. Nancy
    Monday July 25th, 2016

    warum möchte man das seine adern zu sehen sind?

    • Nick
      Monday July 25th, 2016

      Irgendwer hat gesagt, dass sie sexy :). Plus es ist ein Zeichen für einen geringen Bodyfettanteil…Ich mag’s 😀

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