Every story has an end, but…

… every way a beginning and there is always something to find out.

When I started that blog it was mainly because I wanted to update my family and friends back home. To keep in touch and to not feel obligated to sum up a year worth of travels in an hour slideshow afterwards. So basically I am done now.

But lucky me that I called the blog “Finding it on the way” and that there is always something to find out. Especially since I am now a “Digital nomad” (Or on my way to become one). Cause four weeks ago I started my new job here in Germany and am now working completely remotely from home. Meaning, I only need my laptop and WiFi and then I am good to go whichever way the wind is blowing me. And it will probably blow me somewhere warmer soon (not for a whole year again, but probably for a couple of weeks :)).

But until then I am trying to settle back in again and have to find out a couple of things.

For example:

1. How to do 10.000 steps a day if you are not leaving the house

10.000 is the recommended amount of steps a human being should take to stay healthy. A day! For most people that would add up to about five miles (8km). Which sounds like a lot. And like something I will never achieve while walking from the living room to my kitchen and bathroom and back to my bedroom.

So I need to find a way to integrate walking into my “digital life”. Normally I would have gone to work, which was at least a walk to the train station and from there into the office. And since I was already on the run it was easier to combine that with going to the gym or parkour afterwards.

But now

  • I am getting out of bed and work in my living room (I thought it would be good to separate that ;)). That might be 10 steps.
  • During the day I am going into the kitchen and into the bathroom once in a while. Which might add up to 50 steps a day.
  • And since I need to eat, I am going to get some groceries maybe twice a week. So that might be another 100 steps (I briefly thought about ordering online but then I wouldn’t leave my apartment at all anymore)

So that definitely won’t get me to 10.000 steps a day. I probably don’t get that within a week.

So what is the solution? Ideally my laptop would be connected to a treadmill and would only get a WiFi connection while I am running or at least walking. But since that isn’t invented yet (there is probably not a marked for crazy people like me considering that as a solution), I am planning on stepping out of the door at least every second day. And with stepping out of the door I actually mean going outside and for a walk.

2. How to stay fit if you are not leaving the house

In addition to go for a walk once in a while I also started to integrate basic exercises into my daily routine.


  • Doing a four minutes Tabata in the morning. So 8 times one exercise as fast as I can for 20 seconds, with 10 seconds rest.
  • Whenever I am underneath the pull-up bar in my bedroom door frame, I will have to do some (I call it the mistletoe idea ;))
  • While standing around and brushing my teeth, I will do some calves stretches (up on the tippytoes and down again)

So that should be feasible and easy to maintain while “living” and working.

In addition I also had a trail session at one of these power plate studios (20 minutes of workout on a vibrating plate, which should activate almost 100%  of your muscles) and will also have a look into EMS-Training (electronic muscle stimulation). I know it could be considered cheating and might only be for lazy people, but I thought lazy sport is at least better than no sport at all. Plus I don’t like to judge things I haven’t even tried yet. So I will give it a go.

3. How to socialize if you are not leaving the house

My sister doesn’t really like doing home office cause there is no one to chat with in the hallway. And that is exactly the reason WHY I like it.

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean, that you wouldn’t have any contact at all anymore. You would still chat with your colleagues but it would just be digital. But other than that there is barely anyone to distract you (at least if you put your phone away ;)). And then you manage to achieve more, in less time. Meaning you have more time to do other things. Like meeting with friends, doing some sports or spending time with your family. You could get up early, do some work and have a nap at noon, or a workout somewhere during the day. That would all contribute to your productivity (Science already proved that no one is able to focus for eight hours straight) and makes you less tired once finished work, giving you enough energy to socialize once finished work (which I am planning to, but one step at a time and maybe when it is a little warmer outside ;)).

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  1. Petra
    29. January 2017

    Mach doch Hundesitter, so als Urlaubsvertretung, oder im Tierheim. oder übergangsweise im Tierschutz, bis die Hunde ein festes neues zu Hause gefunden haben.

    Ich kann dir sagen, dann sind 8 km am Tag lächerlich…, Und du lernst immer ganz schnell neue Leute kennen.

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