Everything comes to an end…

So the camper tour is over…28 days travelling in a van, seeing a lot of stunning landscapes and natures came to an end in Auckland where we will spend the last three days before heading over to Bali (finally to the beach..yeah).

All in all it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone especially to those who like to hike. For myself I probably found out that living in a camper van and rushing from one place to the other is nothing for me. I mean it is not like I haven’t enjoyed it at all but somewhere in these 28 days came the point where everything looked equal. A mountain looked like a mountain, a lake like a lake. Maybe it would have been different if we would have gone slower, taking some time to rest and seeking in the experiences but in the end I was ok with giving back our camper van and checking in in an actual hostel (even if it is a fucked up one).

What I missed most:

A proper workout routine: It’s difficult to work out if you don’t know where your next shower is awaiting you. We usually sneaked in hostels which is kind of easy. You just walk in, greet the receptionist and act like you own it. And boom you’re in, taking a hot shower, using the free Wifi. One day we even did our laundry in a hostel (no worries we still paid for it, but I guess it was meant to be used by real house guests).

People: Not that I would have turned into a people person but having some around would have been nice at some points. With our self contained camper van we usually crashed (as in spend the night) on free camp grounds with basically no other campers around. There was one night where we had to drive up a dirt road. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes into the dark and into the woods. That’s usually the part in the horror movies where everyone in front of the television screams how stupid someone can be and that no one would actually do that in real life (well we did…and we survived). Another time we were alone at a camp ground and some people in a pickup truck came to steal (or borrow…haven’t seen anything if someone asks ;)) stones in the middle of the night (that’s usually the moment in the movies where all witnesses get slaughtered…well we didn’t but still…;)).
Also it would have helped to realize that you actually are in another country. Only talking to Nanc (no offence!) and barely any other people (besides the clerk at the gas station) isn’t giving you the feeling that you are far away from home.

Wifi: I try not to get too attached to it but it is always good to have it around just to stay in touch. I had to install the Facebook messenger on my mobile to write messages in advance and receive them while driving by a McDonalds or a Spark Wifi spot (Spark is obviously a mobile service provider who offers 1 GB free wifi every day – which was kind of nice, thanks).


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