Everything happens for a reason…

I finally reached Byron Bay :). When I came back from Guatemala and everything in Germany was just dull and cold I’ve found a posting on helpx from someone living at Byron Bay close to deserted beaches and great surfs. So the idea was to spend two or three months there once Nancy left me travelling alone…Since I’ve already spent two of the three until my big sis is coming in and in Sydney and Newcastle I have only one left…but I guess that’s what you get if you find everything out on the way ;). And I wouldn’t want to have done it any different cause the three weeks at “Captain Hunter Hall” and the three and a half staying at a friend’s in Newcastle were great. Especially during the last weeks I had lots of time to spend at the beach but still enough to work on my book, I was able to focus on my sports and nutrition and that’s probably the only reason why I survived my – so called – hell week when my freeletics coach tried to kill me with tons of workouts each day for seven days. I almost learned how to wall run even if I don’t know when I will ever need this kind of skill in real life (cause it is basically falling backwards on a trampoline and bouncing back on the wall)…and last but not least spending time with Alan who I’ve met last year while building a house in Guatemala. He is probably a pretty good example of a real Aussie…kind, generous and the one you would hook up with your sister.

So at the end it wasn’t an easy decision to move further to Byron Bay but in this case I was following my habit to trust that everything happens for a reason. So I usually just spread out my options and see what is coming back. And in this case what was coming back was an email of the Byron Beach Resort and the question if I would still be interested in working there for accommodation. “Still be interested” because I reached out to them end of January when I was thinking of moving further up the east coast and didn’t know if I will make a pit stop in Newcastle. But since everything is really happening for a reason (That’s never letting me down ;)) they told me back then that I should drop by and they will see if anything is available. Since this wasn’t anything solid I stuck with the idea to go to Newcastle even if I hadn’t known if Alan would even had time to catch up with me (in the end he had).

So since they reached out to me I thought that would mean something and that that something was to go for it. And so far it looks like the right decision (I won’t take credit for making that the one cause the decision obviously made me ;)). Here at the Resort I have my own room with a fridge and a freezer (which comes in handy if you need frozen fruits for your smoothie. Some are also using it for leftover ice cream but I have no idea what “leftover ice cream” is supppose to be^^). My work here includes taking care of the garden and the bins which is probably not the most challenging or attractive job you can get but it needs to be done and I am happy to do it (My mom must be so proud that I am not considering myself to be too good for those kind of tasks ;)), especially since I am finished with work at 9:30am. And that’s normally when I am about to start my day, so I don’t “lose” any time here…which is good 🙂

What else happened?

  1. I felt homesick for the first time since I’ve been here while “shooting” a small video to send greetings to friends of mine who were about to get married…but that only lasted until another friend told me that it is still freezing cold in Germany
  2. I was quad biking in sand dunes which is kind of fun…now I want a quad bike and sand dunes
  3. I updated my blog so it is more user friendly (and that’s what I am striving for…even if I am off work and travelling). Rather than having both languages on one page you can now switch the language in the header.
  4. It turns out every time I switch places it is raining…therefore I am looking forward to Melbourne ;( The good thing is you can still wear shorts so I probably will survive…

Stay tunned

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  1. weichfrau
    Saturday March 5th, 2016

    kein Wunder, dass du die Höllenwoche brauchtest. Bei den Shakes- und Eisgrößen. 😉
    Hauptsache war lecker !!!
    Bonne Chance

    • Nick
      Sunday March 6th, 2016

      Jo sehr 😀

  2. Petra
    Sunday March 6th, 2016

    Das sieht ja wieder sehr beneidenswert schön aus. Ich frage mich, wo die hässlichen Ecken in Australien sind? Ja gut die Vororte von Alice Springs sind schon sehr einfach und da herrscht vermutlich viel Armut und Frust, was sich auch im Straßenbild zeigt. Da dort die Fliegen die Oberhand haben, will man da ja sowieso nicht länger bleiben.
    Ich bin tatsächlich stolz auf dich, dass Du nicht lange die Nase rümpfst und Arbeiten machst die gemacht werden müssen.
    Wenn Du den Trick statt mit dem Trampolin auf dem blanken Asphalt kannst, könnte das wieder ein nützlicher Move sein. Also immer schön üben.
    Wir vermissen dich

    • Nick
      Sunday March 6th, 2016

      Ich euch auch… <3

  3. Nancy
    Monday March 7th, 2016

    sorry fuer den regen aber irgendwas muss ja über bleiben von mir 🙂

    PS: das man die Fotos jetzt auf einmal sieht is ganz nett aber die Slideshow nicht sehr user freundlich aufgrund der unterschiedlichen Größen der Fotos 😉

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