Good things will come…

Our trip to Bali started early (4:30 am). Basically too early. After we arrived at the airport we had to rearrange our luggage. It started with Nancys hand luggage and ended with her drop of baggage. Her hand luggage had to be reduced by 1 kilo and her drop off baggage by 1.5. We shifted the 1.5 k into my luggage but for some reason and against everything I already learned in preschool my luggage was 1.5 k heavier afterwards (that sounds about right) while Nanc luggage was still …weighing almost the same (for some magic reason it put on some gramm instead of dropping 1.5 k). Our next approach ended with me trying to put Nancys baggage on the scale in a way it touches the railing. So even if we hadn’t removed much the scale dropped under 21 (2 k lighter than it had to be ;)).

Since most of the “extra” luggage (according to the scale) was now in my hand luggage I needed to weigh it again. Even if it was overweight the women on check-in let it slide this time and handed us our boarding passes. That’s too bad since I was already looking forward to see someone putting on all his clothes (even if that would have been my sister ;)).

As if that wouldn’t have been enough for an early morning I lost my jacket at the terminal. After the security check I thought about putting it into my backpack. Usually I follow my intuition (ok that’s not quite true but I was planning to since I had the intuition to store my bike already in the attic the day BEFORE it was stolen) but unfortunately I again haven’t heard on it. They usually say karma will pay you back but even if I returned a jacket to a women on the fox glaciers while traveling through New Zealand no one was taking my jacket on to the flight. So for now I just try to convince myself that I probably won’t need it anyway within the next months. Which should be the case since I am heading to the beach…

Stay tunned

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  1. Petra
    Friday December 4th, 2015

    Das können auch Zwillingsschwestern gewesen sein, oder ein Einfraubetrieb. Das gleiche ist mir in Alice Springs passiert. Erst lässt die Gute sich ewig Zeit, beim Check-In. Dann sind doch alle ,in der nicht langen Schlage,von 7 Leuten, 2 Minuten vor Check-In Ende durch und schwupp beim Bording die gleiche tiefenentspannte Dame schon wieder da. 🙂

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