Hitting the road…

The first four days were mostly about driving. On day one I arrived in Auckland after a 30 hours flight from Berlin via London and Hongkong. It is kind of weird passing four different time zones and skipping the Saturday completely since I started on Friday afternoon and arrived on Sunday morning (not sure if I will ever get this day back). After picking up our camper van and some groceries we were heading off to the most northern point in New Zealand, where we saw the sunrise and the “creation of life” on day two. Day three was mostly just driving.

On day four we went to the “Hot Water Beach”. In theory we were supposed to dig a hole to get our hot water spot (up to 60 degrees). But unfortunately it was the first day with a lot of rain so instead of hot water we only got a cold shower at the beach (our first real shower after we jumped into a small lake the day before).

So since it wasn’t exactly beach weather we decided to go further to Matamata to book a tour through Hobbiton (That’s where Lords of the rings and the Hobbit where filmed).Since I hadn’t had seen any of the movies (even if Evangeline Lilly is participating in one) I couldn’t really relate to the scenery but it was still pretty impressive.

My findings so far:

  1. it is hard to find Wifi in NZ. It should be free to access on some gas stations, McDonald’s and other public areas but in most cases it isn’t working
  2. Since we are driving most of the time I only interact with my sister. So the feeling of being in New Zealand won’t exactly kick in
  3. New Zealand has a lot of bumpy and curvy roads but the landscape is amazing
  4. Once you got the hang of it driving left is the same as driving on the right side of the road
  5. I still don’t know how Jet Lag feels like

Stay tunned

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