Homeless in Hamburg

That, I was in February. Cause the initial idea was to spend the February in Gran Canaria but instead of seeing the sun I had to go see some doctors.

But let’s start from the beginning:

Right before I wanted to step onto my plane to Gran Canaria I had to go see a doctor cause I had a weird pain in my throat that exceeded the state where it was a normal cold. After some checks they basically found the reason but let me wait around another two weeks before I could see a specialist and finally got some meds (it was an infection in my thyroid. A rare one but one that can really bother you). So instead of flying into the sun I was basically laying in bed for two weeks. And since I rented out my apartment in February, it wasn’t even my own bed.

But that was at least for something good:

  1. I was able to spend time at my mom’s (and let’s be honest, you are not really homeless with a mom like mine).
  2. I got to check out some hostels in Hamburg and found
    • one, that didn’t even want to let me in cause they wouldn’t take people who are normally living in Hamburg.
    • one, that’s really awesome and will be the “role model” in case I ever open one.
    • one, that was still good but was less comfy then my favorite.
  3. When I was about to leave for Gran Canaria they had 11 degrees and rain there. So I didn’t really miss much.
  4. Thanks to my “planing” skills to book everything on short notice I haven’t lost much. I spend 60 EUR for my flight to Gran Canaria and if I wouldn’t have booked two days of accommodation or my return flight for 45 EUR on the day I wanted to leave it would have been exactly that. But since I did I might only “lost” 120 EUR which is still okay.
  5. I now know how to get cheap flights to the canarian islands. In best case you spot a direct flight for under 100 EUR but if not you can still fly over Madrid or Barcelona and spend some days there.
  6. Since I was just laying around for a couple of weeks I could take care of my book. I already published it end of January but was now changing the cover and the blurb again (that’s the side effect of having too much time ;)). If you wanna know more about it go to: And then came you
  7. Since my body already struggled enough with infections, I thought I give it a break and eat as clean as possible. Meaning avoiding everything that cause inflamation. So I stuck to a lot of fruits and vegetables and passed on meat. And so far I feel like it is working well for my body. So I might stick to that for a while.

Stay tunned

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