If the plan doesn’t work,…

…change the plan. But never the goal.

My rough idea of how to spend my time in Australia was based on the plan to not have an actual plan but to find it all on the way. The only thing I had in mind was to end up somewhere at a beach and starting from there to see what life has to offer. Working for board and lodge and on some projects I kick down the road for a while now. Staying at one place as long as I like and move on when I am ready to see something else. At some point throughout the year I probably will also put in some farm work. Not just for the experience but also because it is mandatory for the work & travel visa. But other than that just enjoying the easy life (I know no one wants to know that ;)).

Thanks to my baby sister the first two months are already settled. I will meet her end of October in Auckland where we start our road trip through New Zealand. Beginning of December we will fly over to Bali for 18 days and then further to Melbourne (where we will spend Christmas) and to Sydney over New year’s Eve. After that I will have three months to put my plan not to have a plan into action before my older sister will join me for two months. So even if the plan not to have one isn’t quite working the goal to find it all out on the way is still on track…

Stay tunned

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