Life’s for the living

I could quote Passenger again, but this time the lyrics in his song “Life’s for the living” are not quite fitting on my situation as they did in his song “Home“. But that doesn’t make the statement less true.

Cause life is for the living and that is what I did in November in Sevilla. Spending most of the days in the sun, going for runs in the morning or exploring the area in and around Sevilla. So actually living instead of just hiding away, what I would have done in Germany. Cause the November in Germany is usually for no good (Apart from my Grandma’s birthday).  It’s usually just getting cold, dark and even more rainy. But spending it in Sevilla was probably the best timing, cause at that time of the year it’s cooling down from the 40-50 degree summers (which no one needs either), leaving the locals freezing to death even if the temperature is still reaching 20 – 25 degrees during the day. So definitely a good spot to work and travel at the same time.

But that’s not the only thing I found out:

1. I am only traveling for the sun

Not a big surprise I know but in Sevilla I realized again that “I am just here for the sun”. Cause that was what I answered when someone asked me what I am doing in Sevilla. But that’s okay, cause some people travel to get to know a place, some cause they are interested in the history, gathering every information they can beforehand and I…I am just traveling to escape the cold and enjoy the sun :D.

2. Hostel life is awesome

Before I took off I thought about renting an apartment on Airbnb. Just to make sure that I have solid WiFi to work. But since I wouldn’t want to agree on one for a whole month, I decided against it.

It was more or less costing the same as in Hamburg and I wanted to keep my flexibility. Just in case I wanted to go somewhere else at some point. So I thought it would be best to start in a hostel and then see it from there. And surprisingly the WiFi was really good (Probably better than my WiFi back home and definitely better than the WiFi in Australian hostels or Canarian Island Hotels :D) and we’d been lucky enough to find a cool place with really nice people. Cause that is another reason why I prefer hostel life over my own apartment: If you rent an apartment you basically live your own life (which might be good in case you don’t like sharing a room with snoring people) but that means you have to explore everything on your own, and usually are on your own. In a hostel you are automatically “connected” to the “local/social” life, have access to free walking tours or get to know people who will recommend other things to you or are up for some games in the evening. So you can be social, but you don’t necessary have to :).

3. 20 degrees is perfect to work in the sun all day

Yes, you heard right. I was working in the sun all day (or at least most of the days, cause once in a while it was getting a bit too hot, so I had to move into the shade at lunch time ;)). But all in all 20 degrees was just about the right temperature. If it would have been a little bit warmer I probably couldn’t have worked in the sun but had to move into the shade or in worst case even inside. And sitting inside while the sun is out sounds wrong in so many ways.

4. I sound more Australian than my girlfriend 😀
I know I still have my terrible german accent while talking english but according to four or five people in Sevilla I sound more Australian than my girlfriend (who is actually Australian – at least she claims to be ;)).

5. A four-days-work-week is great, three would be awesome.

Thanks to some leftover vacation days I managed to work only four instead of five days a week the whole November; having two four day weekends in between to actually explore Sevilla and a two day weekend to go to Cadiz. And four days of work a week are already good, three would awesome. Not because I am a lazy bum but because I feel like we have to “free” ourselves from all the usual patterns on a regular base to come up with ideas of what else we can do (and then to have time to actually do them). Cause if we are working five days a week we will (and should) use our weekends to rest. But if we have a regular job for three days a week we will either use the additional two days to do nothing (in case we need it), to explore when we travel or to work on a side projects that challenge us in a different way than our regular job (which will have a positive impact on our regular job cause we feel more balanced).

But enough of the smart talking, here have some impressions of Sevilla (and Cadiz) instead.

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  1. aonym
    Sunday December 17th, 2017

    Oh nein, wer ist die dicke Frau auf dem Kahn? Das ist Verletzungen der Persönlichkeitsrechte, der Frau , die ich nicht kenne.

    • Nick
      Sunday December 17th, 2017

      @aonym 😉 Die “dicke” Frau kann auch einfach sagen, dass das Foto unvorteilhaft gewählt war ;). Sie war halt ein Highlight meines Trips, deshalb durfte sie in den Bildern nicht fehlen :*

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