No reason to stay is a good reason to go

After a business trip to Shanghai in November 2013 with seeing not more than the office, the hotel room and the hotel pool my plan to be further away before I turn 30 (I will do that this fall) was still on my bucket list.

Thanks to my employer I was granted six weeks off. Starting from christmas til end of January. With christmas up front I “only” had five weeks and instead of spending it in Australia (which was the actual plan) I had an amazing time in Guatemala (thanks to certain people ;)). After returning to Hamburg I wondered why there wouldn’t be more to life than clocking in and clocking out each day (even if that wasn’t the case in my company since I had a very flexible and trusting employer). After things hadn’t turned out the way I was imagining them I decided to quit my job and do a work and travel in Australia for at least a year.

And therefore right now is the perfect time since my baby sister is already there so I will have almost three months with her.

Stay tunned

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And then came you

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