Not all those wander are lost

Last week my hostel was packed with Germans (it probably still is but I manage to avoid them more often than not) and then I usually been asked why there are so many of us in Australia (as if I would know why they are here and how they are able to afford it ;)). For all I know is that most of them are usually coming to Australia either after finishing school or after their studies and that they are coming to explore the world, improving their English (that’s usually not happening since they are still sticking around with Germans) or trying to postpone the question what they wanna do with their lives. So a high amount of the people I meet are more or less just “wandering” around (which is fair enough). And they are of course not just german but also french, dutch, british, canadian,… (I even caught Australians exploring their own country).

But then there are also people aiming for a second year visa or trying to get a sponsorship cause they planning on settling for good here in Australia, or people who have fallen in love while travelling and trying to find a place to settle down together. In Sydney I met a brazilian/portuguese couple who have been travelling the world together for some years now cause they hadn’t had a place to stay together. And then there are people like me. Wanting to avoid the German winter but still sticking around cause they have found everything they needed for now. My initial idea was to go back to Germany in August and then find myself a job where I would be able to work from all over the world. But for some reason that is obviously about to happen already while I am still in Australia. Most of my mornings I am spending now at the library (cause it is way easier to focus if you are sitting on a desk) working either on setting up a website for a friend of mine here in Townsville or preparing eLectures for a German company. I already worked with them on a small project last year and when I was ready to work with my mind again in June they reached out asking me if I wanna give eLectures. So that seems to have found itself on the way…again (lucky me huh?! :)).

So that’s definitely a life I could get used to. Working in the mornings and then having time for your hobbies or the “simple” life (as in spending time in the sun or reading a book). And even if I have still no plan what I wanna do the next weeks/months or when I will return to Germany I don’t feel lost cause I promised myself after returning from Guatemala that next time I am not ready to go, I will be able to stay. And it looks like this is working out quite well…

Stay tunned

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  1. Petra
    Thursday August 11th, 2016

    Dann bleib halt, nicht schlimm, Nancy interessiert sich für deinen smoothie maker.
    Das Inserat für deine Wohnung ist auch schnell gemacht…..

  2. Nancy
    Thursday August 18th, 2016

    haha ja dann sollte ich mit dem smoothie maker vielleicht wirklich noch warten 😉
    schön das es dir da gefällt

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