One year with my “Lieblingsmensch”

A year ago I’d officially asked Josie if she wants to be my girlfriend. After me spending more time than initially planned in Townsville and her following me all the way to Europa it was only the reasonable thing to do ;). So I’ve got on my knees and asked. And then the sky brightened and the sunshine rushed through us.

Okay, well that’s not exactly how it happened. It was actually a typical cold day in Germany and on our way back from visiting Knut (the famous polar bear) at my cousin’s workplace Josie pointed out that it’s not official until I ask…and apparently until she announced it on facebook…which she did the same day. So that was exactly a year ago and after that we spend more or less a year in Europe together.

And these are my seven highlights (I could have thought of more but you know how I feel about the number 7 :)).

  1. How you arrived in Hamburg with only a couple of sweaters, exhausted and freezing cold but happy.
  2. How you jumped right into meeting my family without speaking a word of german (apart from the little you learned already back in Townsville).
  3. How you started to “talk” to my mom after the second or third time we’d been to Berlin. I still don’t know how pointing on things can lead to a conversation, but you guys rock :).
  4. When you locked us out of my apartment…twice. To be fair both times hadn’t been completely your fault.
  5. Our trips to Berlin, Copenhagen, Heidelberg, Dresden, Paris and Saxon Switzerland and Sevilla.
  6. Spending christmas und New years with my family.
  7. Basically all the time we spend together “just” living in Hamburg.

And here are the memories we shared (It’s basically all the presentable pics I could find from us. If I forgot one it’s probably your fault cause you didn’t share it with to me – as always ;)) .

I am looking forward to all the adventures ahead of us :).

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