Out of my comfort zone…

I usually don’t write about my life…I mean, I like to write but usually don’t do that about myself.

But for the next months I will leave my comfort zone to tell family and friends about my journey in Australia. I still haven’t decided if I wanna write in english (which I assume will 95% of my users understand) or in german (which would be more for the non-english speaking part of my family). So for now I start to write in both languages (it won’t be a 1:1 translation ;)). Whether I will keep that up (especially if I have less time while traveling) depends on whether or whether not my family is actually reading my posts…so keep on mom!!

What I wanna do in Australia?

I basically don’t have a plan yet other than stranding somewhere at a beach and enjoying the good life…and going from there finding the time and creativity to work on some private projects (I don’t wanna forestall but a lot of these projects have to do with writing ;)).

Thanks to my sister (I really appreciate it!!) my schedule is already booked until mid January. Starting in New Zealand and doing a road trip there for a month, flying over to Bali and meating up with friends and fulfilling promises. Then further to Perth and to Sydney over New Year’s Eve. Starting with Nancys fly home (somewhere around mid and end of January) I will be on my own and go with the initial idea of how to travel by finding it all out on the way…

Stay tunned

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