Searching for the perfect spot

New Years Eve in Sydney is by far the most “touristy” thing you can do. But since you probably do that once a life my sister and I decided to pick the best spot all over Sydney. So our New Years Eve basically started already a day earlier with a trip to the botanic garden and the Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. After seeing a few spots we came to the conclusion that Mrs. Marquarie’s Chair is the best spot to see the fireworks as well as opera house and the harbour bridge…but only if you came early enough so your view isn’t blocked by trees.

So that’s basically the reason why we got up at 5am (yes am not pm) to sit and stand in line infront of the entrance to the Macquarie’s Chair. When we arrived at 6:30am there was already a long queue so we thought in case they haven’t cleared out the trees over night there wouldn’t be a chance that we would see anything. But obviously not everyone in front of us made their homeworks the day before so we were able to get our perfect spot. So we only had to wait 15 more hours in the sun to see 20 minutes of fireworks.

Stay tunned

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  1. Nancy
    Saturday January 16th, 2016

    ein platz für zwei findet sich immer da hätten wir auch später kommen Koenen aber so haben wir uns den perfect spot wenigstens verdient…trinken nach 18 Uhr lass ich nächstes mal sein und Schlafsack ist das must have 🙂

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