Sometimes things are just the way they are

Whenever I get new roomies one of the first questions is usually about how long they and I are staying in Townsville for and whenever I say that I am already here since 10 weeks (I counted and it’s actually already been 14^^) they asked why. What is here to stay for? Well … I don’t know. Sometimes it just happens and no one really knows why. You stay…until you are not staying anymore.

And me and Townsville were obviously meant to be. Cause I just stranded in Townsville by “accident”. Accident in quotation marks because I don’t really believe in accidents, but that things turn out the way they are suppose to be (at least that is my excuse for not making any plans or postponing decisions to the very last minute in case they wanna figure themselves out). So rain in cairns, my sister “abandoning” me and me then stopping in Townsville was just how it was supposed to come. Cause after that everything just fell into place. I found a nice place to stay (Rambutan is by far the best hostel I’ve stayed at and really deserves to be called glampackers), some things to do (fitness challenge, parkour, aerial bootcamp,…) and the best summer weather you can think of (even if they called that winter over here ;)). And then you just get attached. Attached to the nice weather, attached to the way of life and of course to the people here. Cause it is usually the people we met who make your stay even more enjoyable. And I definitely got attached not just to the people at Rambutan but also to my parkour buddy and the guys at Strand Fitness (especially since I have still some fitness goals).

So yeah … sometimes it is just that easy. You stick around cause you have no reason to go, but heaps of reasons to stay. Especially since I don’t have much left on my list. In case I will ever leave Townsville I will only go up to Cairns and then slowly make my way down to Sydney to see what the guys I stayed with in January have accomplished (at least that is the idea right now). On my way there I might still want stop to do Fijis (but only because I think it would be best to do it while being in Australia than making all the way from Germany) or/and the Vipassana Meditation (cause I have the feeling once back in a full time job I don’t wanna “waste” my vacation for that). So up until the weather here in Townsville isn’t getting too hot and humid I am fine with where I am right now and can wait until the feeling of moving on is kicking in. My next milestone to make a decision is now beginning of October cause I extended my gym membership up until then. But making my way down to Sydney in October would bring me back to Germany approximately beginning of November and I honestly can’t find anything good to say about the November in Germany (other than that is my grandmas birthday month but she is usually not even around). So even if I am missing my family and friends I think I have to stay in Australia now at least up until end of November cause otherwise the winter in Germany will get way too long. So coming back in December with Christmas coming up and at least a slight chance of snow sounds more bearable. But we will see, what the next weeks/months will bring…

So what is it about Townsville:

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And then came you

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  1. nancy
    17. September 2016

    du konntest auch einfach arsch zusammen kneifen und 88 tage auf einer farm arbeiten und dann nen Jahr länger in Townsville bleiben 🙂

    • Nick
      20. September 2016

      Nee nee… im Sommer wird das hier super heiß und schwül. Da muss ich nicht hier sein.

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