The benefits of working “in the future”

Yesterday one of my clients came with a pressing task that had to be done the next morning. At 5:21 in the afternoon, normally a time where people start thinking about calling it a day (I know honey it’s already been called a day ;)). And even if I usually don’t make plans I actually already had some for the evening.

Back when I was in Australia (aka “in the future”) this wouldn’t have been an issue. Eight hours ahead of time I would have listened to my clients voice messages the next morning, would have had breakfast in piece and quiet and then the whole day to complete the task. (Work)Life was so much easier and even after four weeks back in Germany I still miss it cause working (and living) “in the future” has definitely its benefits:

1. You don’t have to work eight hours at a time

When I was in Australia I usually got up with my girlfriend, had breakfast and was then working without distraction (since no one was awake and my girlfriend was at work as well – not that I blame her ;)). I was working as long as my laptop battery lasted, went home for lunch, took a long nap in the sun and then restarted “work” in the afternoon and occasionally had some calls with Germany in the evening or even at night time (which I didn’t mind at all). With spreading my work over the day I wasn’t really noticing that I was actually working but got more done then with working eight hours at a time (It’s proven that we can’t stay focused for more than three hours at a time anyway so everything we do after three consecutive hours we are just doing slower/ less efficient).

Back here in Germany I am still trying not to work eight hours at a time but it’s definitely harder. When you get up everyone else is up as well, expecting you to answer right away instead of later. There is also no sun to nap to in the afternoon. So all you can do is go back to work again.

2. No one expects you to work after 4pm (german time)

4pm german time means midnight in Australia. So if you tell someone you can’t take calls or do stuff after four pm everyone understands.  “I have to go to bed” is a reasonable “excuse” to stop working. If you stop working at four in Germany, especially if you are self employed, everyone just thinks you are lazy or not commited to the project. But if you are working overseas you just do most of the work while everyone else is asleep.

3. You can “break” things without anyone noticing

Sometimes my work requires that I have to test things live (online). And sometimes it happens that things are not working properly directly, regardless how often you tested it before.

So for implementing new features or to do some website maintanance you look for a time where no one else is using the website/webshop. So in my old job we usually did that at 2am. Staying up late or getting up early. Whichever way we wanna see it it was still the middle of the night where you usually would be sound asleep.

In Australia however you have the whole morning for that. You could even leave “broken” things on live as long as you fix them until everyone in Germany is getting up (which was usually not before 4pm).

4. You can take mornings/ Mondays off and still be ahead of everyone in Germany

Since most of the people in Germany are not starting work earlier than 9am you usually are “free” until 3 4pm (Australian time). Giving you the whole morning to do nothing and so much at the same time. Enjoying the sun, having a pancake day on a wednesday, spending time with your loved ones or just focusing on other things than work. While everyone in Germany is asleep you don’t stress about getting things done because you still have the whole day to complete them.

And if you wanna take the whole monday off because that’s when your “Lieblingsmensch” has a day off as well you can even do that because by the time the sun is going down people in Germany are ready to start their work week as well (since it’s taking at least the Monday morning to switch from weekend to work mode).

So yeah. Living and working in the future definitely has its benefits. So I can’t wait to go “back into the future” and to my “Lieblingsmensch” soon (Happy birthday cutie ;)).

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