The best view comes after the hardest climb…

…but sometimes you have to have a rest in the middle. And that’s what I was having. Since I know myself way too well and knew that I probably wouldn’t have rested more than a day I’ve forced myself to three consecutive restdays and “escaped” to magnetic island. A 20 Minutes ferry ride away from the mainland without an option to attend bootcamp in the morning or parkour classes during the day. Plus I still had three nights in my YHA epack available. The ones I was planning on spending in Cairns until my sister left me to spend her last days in the sun – which is more than fair enough and the reason why I am now already five weeks in Townsville (still can’t complain how this turned out :)). And the timing couldn’t have been better since I am half way into my 8 week fitness challenge. So three restdays were more than deserved since I picked up the pace with usually a workout in the morning and in the evening.

So over the last couple of weeks I’ve found out:

  1. Eating regularly isn’t too hard

At the beginning I thought I would struggle more with nutrition. But if you are doing it more or less by clock it isn’t that hard anymore. For breakfast I usually have oatmeal with blueberries and water (milk should be avoided so I added ground cinnamon to my oatmeal which makes it indeed pretty yummi).

Due to the small kitchen here I usually prepare heaps of stuff upfront so I just need to heat it up once it is time to eat again (which makes it fairly easy). That usually means that I am having chicken, brown rice and vegetables for days but our body doesn’t care about it as long as he gets protein, carbs and fats….so I decided not to care either. If I wanna change it up a bit I slide in a chili con tofu (you don’t really need meat) or lin soy bread with peanut butter and jelly (probably not exactly fitting into my meal plan but you don’t necessarily need to make the right choices every time as long as you make the healthy ones more often).

2. Eating regularly leads to starvation

Since week four I’ve finally see some changes…as in I developed the feeling of hunger. Or in my case: starvation (looks like I can only experience the extremes). Even if I was eating every two to three hours I was waking up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back to sleep right away. Once in a while I also had that feeling after my afternoon workout. So that’s basically telling me that I need to optimize my afternoon snack plus have a snack before going to bed as well.

  1. If you are more active you have more energy

Even if I am getting out of bed on monday, wednesday and saturday at around 5 am and on friday at around 6am I don’t really feel tired during the day (as long as I am not skipping sleep completely;)). My theory is either that it is due to the high amount of food or because your body gets even more energy while doing things (like the car battery that recharges while running).

  1. Magnetic Island is definitely a place to relax

If you ever wanna escape the everyday life Magnetic Island is definitely the place to go. It basically contains of one main street which brings you to heaps of bays and walks. My personal favorites:

  • Seeing the sunset from the top of the Forts Walk
  • Seeing the rock wallabies in Arcadia (since they obviously relying on being fed they are pretty friendly and not afraid at all)
  • Seeing the sunset and Townsville from the Hawkings Point Lookout

Since we couldn’t access the dirt roads we missed out on west point (which should also be a good spot to see the sunset) and radical bay. So I might need to come back, rent a car or just walk it.

  1. I should have upgraded my motorcycle license

The idea was to rent a motorbike on Magnetic Island to have access to the dirt roads as well but unfortunately the rental place only lists motorbikes with a cubic capacity starting from 250ccm and since I got my license with 16 I was only allowed to drive a bike with 125ccm (which was usually enough). Last year I thought about upgrading mine to the next higher level cause everything I needed to do was repeating the driving test but I didn’t make the time. But anyway I added “Upgrading my license” to my list of the things I will do once back in Germany.

  1. My new selfie stick isn’t too bad

Since my sister borrowed the thingy that holds the mobile phone on my tripod (hers was broken) and left me in a hurry I thought that now would be the time to replace it. So I figured I go get myself a selfie stick since this is usually coming in handy too. While trying to use it I noticed that there wasn’t any cable to connect my mobile with. First I thought I might have missed it in the boxing but then I realized that it doesn’t even come with a button. The idea was that it is only holding the mobile while the pictures are taken with a timer. And even if I first thought that would be a crappy way to produce a selfie stick it was actually pretty fun in the end since it gives back a little bit of spontaneity cause you might not find the perfect pose before the picture is captured.

  1. There is only one accepted excuse not to drink

For some reason it is more accepted to use “I am in a fitness challenge” as an excuse for not drinking alcohol then simply just “I just don’t like the taste of it”. I already noticed that when I was training for the ToughMudder cause people have been like oh that’s cool. But if you say you don’t like the taste they just: Get over yourself…you just have to drink until you like it (yeah well…no).

Stay tunned

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