Things never turn out the way you expect

According to Hollywood Blockbusters that would have been the starting point of a great love story…that or when people bumping into each other (but I refused to do that).

But let’s start at the beginning: After only four hours of sleep I was looking forward to a quiet Sunday morning. Just emptying bins and cleaning the footpaths…no human interaction cause everyone is still asleep. But since things never turn out the way you expect them I was playing superman this morning (before you are starting to speculate it is just a coincidence that no one has ever seen us in a room togehter ;)).

When I was starting my work the receptionist told me that a women is trapped in the shower and asked me if I could take care of it (cause obviously no one else was around). Not knowing that this involves going into the women’s bathroom and destroying the lock on a shower I got to “work”. Freeing her should have been a no brainer but nope not on a Sunday morning. The lock wouldn’t want to open…not when I tried with a screw driver even if there was a recess on my side (but as usual it was just too weak to hold anything)…not when she tried to unscrew the screws on the lock from her side (according to her they just over twisted…lucky us huh?!).

Looking for what to do next I locked myself in the second shower and was almost trapped as well (since the lock on that door was pretty stiff too). My sister would probably laugh by now since I obviously have a knack of twisting random things that got stuck afterwards…(I did that once in Bali with a scooters key lock…but that’s another story ;)).

So after trying to play it nice and freeing her without doing any damage to the door I was thinking about smashing into the door (as seen in action movies ;)) but either I or the door would probably then have crashed into her (and at this point I didn’t know what or what not she would wear ;)). But before I had to do that I was lucky to find a hammer with whom she was able to break the lock from the inside…Since the lock needed a fix anyway it should be fine that we broke it.

Since my life is not a Hollywood movie and even if she told her friend that I am “the hero who came to her rescue” I don’t think that we are meant for each other….but only because she is probably already in her seventies.

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And then came you

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  1. Corinna
    21. March 2016

    Hi Nick, ich lese noch fleißig mit. Dein Schreibstil zaubert mir jedesmal ein Lächeln ins Gesicht. Weiterhin viel Spaß.

    • Nick
      21. March 2016

      Das freut mich 😀

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