When you are about to give up remember why you started

While “normal” people sleep at night Nancy and I decided to climp up a vulcano (The mount Agung. Highest mountain on Bali with an altitude of 3142 m) to see the sunrise from there. Our trip basically already started the night before when Nancy and I were trying to reach the mountain with our scooter (from Ubud it is still a 1:14h drive). “Luckily” after driving 45 minutes it was starting to rain, which was just the tip of the iceberg since we were already concerned that it might not be the safest idea to drive with quite some cash in your pocket to an almost abandoned place in the middle of the night and no idea if you will be able to find a guide to bring you up that mountain. So we were heading back and looked at it as a nice night drive (the air was really refreshing though ;)).

The next morning two girls in our hostel were already looking for us cause they wanted to go as well and heard that we are crazy enough to do it. So we paired up in the hope that we will get a good price for all of us. But it was still pretty expensive (700.000 IDR per person) and since we only needed a transport and a guide we decided to do it on our own (again) and only hired someone to get us there and pick us up the next morning (that was for 500.000 IDR per car). Plan was to find a guide once we reached the starting point. As we arrived there (at midnight) the car park was not just pretty dark it was indeed totally abandoned. There wasn’t a soul in sight. Our driver (he was really sweet and stayed the whole night at the car park without having warm clothes or something to drink or eat) was obviously more nervous than us while we were pretty relaxed that the guides will come since the tours are usually starting at 1 or 2 am (depending on when the sun will rise). So after we waited an hour the guides arrived and we could pick one (or better to say: our driver basically “sold” us to the first guide who was arriving ;)). The guide cost 200.000 IDR each person but we were able to get a “package” price of 750.000 IDR for all of us (but paid 800.000 IDR in the end since we were very pleased with our guide ;)). So in sum we each paid 325.000 IDR (23,4 US-Dollar or 21,59 Euro) for the trip and saved more than half of the price you pay if you are doing the trip the “touri” style.

The climb itself was 3:45 hours up (from an altitude of 1500 to 2950m) and then probably 3 hours down since it was really bold and you had to go really slow to prevent yourself from slipping or even falling (there are stories where people broke their ankle and had to walk down anyway). Nancy was really exhausted at the end but also pretty proud that we made it. Cause the view from up there was pretty amazing.

Ah yeah, we were accompanied by a dog who was following us all the way up and all the way down (pretty amazing since it was really bold). We tried to give him water while walking but he was only taking it once we were back at the car park. Here on Bali they see the dogs as “lost souls”, meaning people who died but aren’t ready to let go yet. So this dog made sure that we were going up and down that mountain safely.

Stay tunned

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  1. Sabrina
    Monday December 7th, 2015

    Wow! Mehr fällt mir dazu nicht ein. Unverschämt 😉 Habt Euch wohl! 🙂

    • Nick
      Tuesday December 8th, 2015

      Jup war leider geil:)

  2. Omi und Manfred
    Thursday December 10th, 2015

    Einfach toll wie mutig ihr seid und welche Erlebnisse ihr einfahrt. LG

    • Nancy
      Friday December 11th, 2015

      Ja es war wirklch grossartig und alle schmerzen danach wert :*
      Grüsse nach berlin

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