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Two years ago I “accidentally” stopped in Townsville. “Accidentally” ’cause I wasn’t really planning on stopping there in the first place. I only stopped because my sister basically abandoned me (flat out abandoned me ;)).

After almost two months of chasing the sunset from Melbourne to Perth and travelling up the East Coast, the plan was to spend her last few days  in Cairns before she had to return to Germany. After that, I was planning on spending the “winter” up in Palm Cove, a place where my other sister had already spent an amazing “winter” with temperatures around 20 to 25 degrees (which is the reason I can’t stop writing ‘winter’ without quotation marks ;)). But as it is with me and planning, it turned out differently.

That already started in Airlie Beach where my sister and I made our second last stop together (or last obviously). Since I still had a voucher for a night at the Airlie Beach YHA – one I couldn’t spend in Cairns – I stayed an extra night while my sister already took the night bus to Cairns (she was in a rush, I wasn’t ;)). The idea was that I would follow the next day. But unfortunately (or fortunately for everything that happened afterwards) the sun wasn’t shining in Cairns. Or more accurately it was raining, which was unusual for that time of the year. So my sister decided to fly to Darwin which was fair enough since she only had a few days before returning to good (c)old Germany. I, on the other hand, thought about joining her, but didn’t want to spend 500 AUD just for a few extra days with my sister (sorry, Nadi;)) So our trip together ended earlier than expected and since I didn’t want to go into the rain either, I cancelled my bus to Cairns and instead booked it halfway, to Townsville, a cute little town where backpackers usually only stop to take the ferry to Magnetic Island (it has so much more to offer though ;)).

I arrived there in the middle of the night and thought I was being mugged while waiting for the night guard to open the hostel door for me. But instead, I ended up selling old shirts to people who weren’t allowed into the nightclubs wearing singlets (For everyone who already read “And then came you” => yeah, that really happened ;)). And well, the end is already history. I ended up participating in a fitness challenge, stayed more than five months instead of just a couple of days and ended up getting attached to a quirky receptionist (her words not mine ;)).

So this is how “accidents” happen. Some people might also call it fate, ’cause let’s face it we don’t meet people by accident they are meant to cross our paths for a reason.
And why am I telling you this? In a little more than a month I will return to Townsville (Yeahhhi) and enjoy another beautiful “winter” there with my Lieblingsmensch :).

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And then came you

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