How to organize yourself in a dorm room

After checking back in at the place I now call home for almost six weeks it took me four days before I was finally really moved back in. Since there were already people in my room I wasn’t able to get a bottom bunk, so I couldn’t organize myself and had to live out of my suitcase. So I was more or less searching for my stuff all the time (which goes against my time efficiency). In addition the guys in my room where pretty messy…as in I couldn’t even open the door without sliding someone’s boxers over the floor. But I can’t really blame them cause dorm rooms usually don’t have much space, are limited in lockers (not that anyone would use them) so they appear to be messy real quick. But even with limited space and everything it isn’t too hard to organize yourself (at least not if you are getting yourself a bottom bunk. If you are only getting top bunk you are screwed):

  1. Always go for the bottom bunk

In the beginning of my trip I was usually going for the top bunk (probably because I like to climb) until I realized that you can organize and shield yourself way better if you take the bottom bunk. Plus you can also use the space under your bed (which would be kinda rude if the space under your top bunk is someone else’s bottom bunk^^). If possible choose the one at the window (if it is not directly next to the door), so you can regulate the fresh air circulation.

  1. Cover your bed with towels for some privacy

Since you have only your bed as “your zone” you might want to have at least the feeling of privacy. Therefore it is good if you use towels or even an extra sheet to cover your bed. Hanging a towel comes twice handy cause you not just getting cover you can also leave it drying after a shower or washing your hands.

  1. Hang your clothes at the end of your bed

Long pants (or trousers if we don’t wanna sound too American), a jumper or jacket for the night, board shorts for the swim and your sportswear for your workouts and before you know it you caused a total mess on the floor and/or in your backpack. Plus at least your sportswear and board shorts might need to dry before you store them somewhere. So I usually hang my clothes at the end of my bed (comes in handy if you are not super tall). If you wanna play it save fix them with clamps otherwise just tuck them in (they might fall down once in a while depending on the movement in the top bunk).

  1. Hang a bag for laundry at the end of your bed

Of course you could store your dirty laundry in your suitcase but then you would mix fresh with…well not-so-fresh, so I usually have one bag hanging at the end of my bottom bunk to chuck my dirty laundry in. That not just helps me to see when it is time for doing laundry (when the bag is about to be full) it also helps me to carry everything to the laundry (cause I would need a bag for that anyway).

  1. Recharge your devices overnight

A few hostels come with sockets in the lockers so you can easily recharge your laptop or mobile during the day without being worried that someone might snitch them. But in most hostels you are not that lucky and since you are probably attached to at least your mobile you might wanna keep it in reach during the day and especially during the night (which is a really bad habit but happens to the best ;)). Luckily my sister left me with a distribution box so I only use one socket (they usually are very limited) but can recharge my mobile and my laptop overnight (which is really convenient since that’s usually the time when I don’t need them). My mobile is then just laying next to me, while I store my laptop behind my pillow (on the floor). You want at least a little gap between wall and your bed so you can easily store small things there without getting stuck with your hand.

Make sure that the cables are always tied around something so it gives you enough space to use them while actually laying in bed but gives you also the chance to just let them fall between your bed and the wall (cause nothing is more annoying than sleeping with a bunch of cables). To make sure that I don’t have to search for my mobile cable on the floor each and every night I attached it with an extra cord to the bed frame. So if the cable is gone I just pull the cord.

  1. Hang your washbag as close to the bathroom as possible

If you have an ensuite bathroom in your dorm you can probably store your washbag at the sink as well but then you might have to live with the fact that people just use your stuff. So instead of doing that just store them as close as possible to the bathroom. I usually have mine in my head region cause I always store my earplugs in there as well. So it is good to have that available during the night. Since the washbags are usually coming with a hook you won’t have a problem to hang them.

  1. Take at least one hook on to your travels

To store a bag or your backpack in your “cave” an extra hook comes in very handy (two would be perfect). Just place it in any corner of your head region and you don’t need to put anything on the floor. The only things that are on the floor are your shoes and these you can easily get out of the way by placing them under your bed (magic).

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  1. Petra
    Monday July 4th, 2016

    Anstatt einem Haken hatte ich 2 solcher Bänder mit, mit denen man Ski zusammen klettet.
    Diese lassen sich fast überall in der Größe anpassen. Ob Taschen am Schrank, oder Schuhe, Kissen, am Rucksack, damit lassen fast alle Dinge festzurren. Und so ein Band bohrt sich nicht in irgendwas rein.

    Aber ist es denn erstrebenswert 2 m² sein Eigen zu nennen?

    • Nick
      Monday July 4th, 2016

      Aber ist es denn erstrebenswert 2 m² sein Eigen zu nennen? => Wenn man keine andere Wahl hat^^.

  2. Nancy
    Friday July 8th, 2016

    also ich habe auch immer oben geschlafen…im yha gab es ja häufig noch ein Schrank da hab ich dann oben alles rein getan….aber an dem zu Gehänge erkennt man die lang traveler…nicht sehr social

    • Nick
      Saturday July 9th, 2016

      Ja hier haben sie auch Schränke, aber da sucht man ja dennoch dann immer drin.
      Und ja manchmal is das Zugehänge nicht wirklich sozial…aber man kann jederzeit ja aufmachen, wenn man nette Roommates hat :D.

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