You will never be completely at home again…

What a life: laying at the pool, reading a book, enjoying the sun and once in a while and before I totally melt away having a dip in the pool. But that life will soon be over cause I am enjoying my last days here in Townsville. Therefore I moved back to Rambutan. Back to the place I called home for 16 weeks before I moved into a shared house for six. Back to the hostel I arrived more than five months ago. Shortly after midnight … on a Sunday night … waiting for the night manager to let me in while “selling” t-shirts to strangers who wouldn’t get into a club with wearing singlets (I thought I would give two of my old shirts away for free but they actually gave me money in return). The hostel that had the promotion for the fitness challenge hanging in the laundry (They still do!) which made me then stick around while the idea was to spend the summer somewhere up in Cairns. And the place I will definitely miss once back in Germany…

They say “home is where your heart” is but they also say that “you will never be completely at home again, cause your heart will always be elsewhere”. And I definitely will leave a part of my heart here in Townsville cause “that is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place” and that is probably the reason why I couldn’t wrap my mind around leaving. And to be honest I didn’t really make that call. It was more a mix of  “My housemates mom is moving in and I don’t see me spooning her” and “I would like to spend one more week at Rambutan”. So the decision made itself and I can’t really take credit for that. But yeah after my last couple of days with catching some rays at the pool I will leave Townsville and make my way down to Sydney to spend 10 days in a Vipassana meditation retreat in the Blue Mountains. 10 days without communicating to anyone seems like a fair challenge before I go back to Germany and it might help processing what had happened this year. I still don’t know how I will get down there but I will try to figure it out within the next days…

Stay tunned

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